Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Yes you can have one

Specializing in cloud based and stand-alone office applications. We use a variety of techniques to keep costs low but functionality high. For example, we use MS Excel and visual basic as a basis for many of our stand alone applications. Also, in many cases you might only need an application to complete one or two tasks. This way you only pay for what you need and we make every effort to develop your application so that adjusting and adding to it in the future will not be difficult. For our cloud based applications we use Microsoft ASP.NET due to its proven support and security.

Some of the types of applications we build are:

1. Report building tools
2. Automation for processing data, forms, etc.
3. Data tracking and archiving applications
4. Pretty much anything else your business needs for improving productivity, accuracy and profitability.

Need Answers Fast?

Need Answers Fast?

Let us do the heavy lifting

The manual process you've been using to sift through your mountain of data takes a lot of time and effort. Time your team could better spend on higher value work.

We are experts at identifying key trends, patterns and anomalies that can help you better understand what your data is trying to say. We can even present the data for you via a webinar or in-house presentation for you and your team.

We can also create an automated process your team can use over and over again and you'll reap the reward of improved productivity and better decision making.

Our training is based on the following 3 pillars.

1. Data Queries and Setup

Learn how to ensure your data is accurate, complete and the setup is sound so that you can use it in the first place. From there you will learn how to ask the right questions and how to approach diving into the data to get those answers.

2. Data interpretation

Learn how to slice and dice data to identify trends. Using primarily MS Excel (we are MS certified trainers) you can discover methods on how to filter, group and sort data to make the discoveries you need to.

3. Report building and analysis

Learn how to create custom graphs, reports and visuals that are informative and intuitive. Doing this is sort of an art as much as a science, and we'll show you how to do it all - so you can competently tell a story to inform strategy and make critical decisions.