Our clients, before working with Aurora (cue the Bonnie Tyler song), needed a hero - a data hero, to help them to get their data working for them.

At Aurora, you can call us a super hero, super geek, doesn't matter, both are a badge of honour for us. We solve your data problems with real solutions.

From training you and your team on how to use and interpret your company's information, to building and analyzing data through business intelligence and reporting, or building out custom, intuitive stand alone and cloud applications - we will swoop in to your rescue over whenever you need us!

Application Development

You are trapped. You know tasks can be automated, your data should be working for you, not against you! We can build various stand alone and cloud based applications, from automating processes to building reports, and rescue you from your data dungeon.


Business Intelligence

Not everyone is cut out to be a data super hero, that's why we can do the heavy lifting for you. We can summarize, analyze and organize your data to discover all the things your data is trying to tell you - you can just sit back and watch the magic!



We can turn you and your team into data superheroes too (not geeks, leave that to us, we wouldn't do that to them). We can help your team ask the questions they need to ask and use the techniques and tools necessary to make data discoveries and supercharge your business.