98% of Aurora's applications are delivered electronically via email, to clients all over the world!

Aurora has developed applications for  businesses and organizations located in...

Acworth, GA
Minneapolis, MN
Elkhorn, NE
Williamsburg, IA
New York, NY
Houston, TX

San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO
Cozumel, Mexico
Dublin, Ireland
... and more! 

We also provide spreadsheet, design and report building services!

The answers are simple...
Why pay countless dollars on expensive database or reporting tools, that have features you don't need, and don't have features you do need!? Consider the benefits Aurora can offer you with a custom application that works within your own MS Excel!
We develop in Excel because it is an environment many users are already familiar with, it contains powerful tools and functions, and via our VBA programming expertise, we can build the flexible solutions you need.
Excel applications range from simple macro programs to full scale interactive applications. All are programmed in Visual Basic (VBA) and are simple to use.
Every business is unique, which is why each application is specifically designed around YOUR business' exact needs and requirements. Call 289-257-1777 for more information.


 Invoicing Applications Power FeaturesProductivity Increase
 Data Entry Programs Power FeaturesProductivity Increase
 Contact Managers Info/Data ManagerPower Features
 Sales Databases Info/Data ManagerPower FeaturesProductivity Increase
  ... and many more custom apps! How to Get started.

> Automate tasks, edit databases, build reports, etc.
> Custom apps work within your Excel workbook.
> A great investment that will pay for itself in no time.
> Gives your business a competitive edge.
> Great for any business, big or small!
> Free consultations and a 100% guarantee on all work.

Aurora dispels any Myths that a custom business application has to be expensive. In fact, they are affordable and practical for any sized business! Any doubts? Contact Aurora to become a believer.

AURORA BUSINESS APPLICATIONS Phone: 289-257-1777  Email: bizapps@wemeanbusiness.com

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